Silver Reed LK150 Knitting Machine

The LK150 Knitting Machine for its simplicity in design and ease of use, will assure you fun and pleasure in knitting from the beginning. You will soon be able to make knitwear with all sorts of interesting patterns and sizes over the full width of 150 needles and because it handles a wide range of yarns from medium to super thick, you can make knitwear for all four seasons of the year.
Knits 4 ply and Double Knit over the full 150 needles or Aran & Chunky weight on alternate needles.

Needle Pitch: 6.5mm (3.6 gauge)
Number of Needles: 150
Manual Stitch types: Stockinet, Fair Isle, Tuck, Slip, Motifs.

Why buy from us?
Andee Knits have been Authorised Silver Reed dealers for over 15 years.
Fast and friendly service, a full range of accessories and spare parts.
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